Ship to Shore Live Streaming      


       Come join us on board the IODP Expeditions as we seek to investigate the Earth processes around the globe. Our Ship to Shore program will focus on this exploration, the nature and process of science, and STEM careers. Since 2014, live ship-to-shore streaming from the JOIDES Resolution (the JR, the U.S.-operated scientific ocean drilling ship) have inspired thousands of students, teachers, and museum visitors in China.


       Our live video events lift science out of the textbooks and allow students to learn about cutting edge research and careers by talking directly to scientists, technicians, and crew as they live and work aboard the vessel.


Request a Live Broadcast





       Requests for interactive, 30-45-minute Zoom interactions are open to anyon! Requests are handled on a first come, first served basis. To participate successfully in one of our events, you need:


a computer with “Zoom” a free, quick downloadable program

a good internet connection

a video projector

a good webcam with microphone (or separated microphone) - or this may be integrated into your laptop, speakers, if your room/group is large

Audience full of curiosity and fond of exploration


Schools, organizations and social institutions can contact IODP- China Office at any time (, +86-21-6598 5022)



What will You Acquire




Ship to Shore Program Topics


• How Science Works

• Tour the Ship

• Live and work aboard the vessel

• The Principle of Drilling & Coring

• Global Climate Change

• Plate Tectonics

• Natural Hazards

• Oceanography

• More


       Once the request is received, a member of the Education and Outreach Team will then review the request and approve it, or provide a follow-up response to the requester if there are any concerns. Dates should be set at least one week in advance to allow for set up and promotion. Video Broadcasts will generally not be scheduled less than one week in advance. The event is not guaranteed until you have received confirmation from IODP-China office