396 Special Call for Palynologists and Volcanic Stratigraphic Specialist

The IODP-China Office is seeking for two Palynologists and one Physical Properties Specialist/Volcanic Stratigraphic Integrator for IODP Expedition 396.  The task of the volcanic stratigraphic integrator will be to integrate core and log data to compile the volcanic and sedimentary stratigraphy of each site. The stratigraphic column should include lithology, physical properties, weathering and fracture analysis.  A particular challenge in volcanic flow sequences is that fractured and altered parts are normally not recovered, but have to be interpreted from image logs. High-resolution volcanic stratigraphy is the basis for

1. Volcanological interpretation

2. Fluid flow and CO2 sequestration characterization

3. Core log seismic integration and assessment of seismic artifacts

The scientist should have documented experience in volcanic core description, petrophysics, image log integration and interpretation documented by a strong publication record.


Mid-Norwegian Continental Margin Magmatism Expedition 396 is a scientific ocean drilling project that seeks to understand the nature, cause and climate implications of excess magmatism during the northeast Atlantic continental breakup.


This expedition will address five primary objectives:

  • ①determine the conditions of mantle melting;
  • ②determine spatial and temporal variations in along axis volcanic fluxes to test predictions made by fundamentally different geodynamic models for volcanic rifted margin formation including segmentation;
  • ③determine variations in the depositional environment (sub-aerial vs sub-marine) of inner and outer lava flows to test correlations between magma genesis and dynamic thermal support during late syn-rift, break-up, and early post-rift oceanic spreading;
  • ④assess the temporal evolution of the styles of volcanic and magmatic activity in relation to paleoclimate proxies to test the relationship between large-scale volcanism and climate change events;
  • ⑤investigate the relative importance of environmental consequences of two key processes during the initial opening of the North Atlantic: direct volcanic degassing and explosive thermogenic gas release through hydrothermal vent complexes that expel fluids derived from contact metamorphism.


The expedition will also address two important secondary objectives: (1) early Eocene hot-house and fresh water incursions into the Atlantic, and (2) carbon capture and storage in basalt provinces.


For more information about the expedition science objectives and the JOIDES Resolution expedition schedule, please seehttp://iodp.tamu.edu/scienceops/. This site includes links to individual expedition web pages with the original IODP proposal(s) and expedition planning information.


Expertise sought:

Opportunities exist for researchers (including graduate students) in all shipboard specialties, including but not limited to sedimentologists, petrologists, micropaleontologists, paleomagnetists, petrophysicists, borehole geophysicists, inorganic geochemists, organic geochemists, and microbiologists. 


How to apply:

China-based scientists should apply through IODP-China Website (http://www.iodp-china.org/), fill the application form, upload CV and post-expedition research plan (in English) no later than 28 December 2020.


For further details, please contact:

Dr. Shouting Tuo、 Zhaocy of the IODP-China Office

Tel.: +86-21-65981558, Fax: +86-21-65988808

Email: iodp_china@tongji.edu.cn