Scientific Drilling 第31卷内容导读

Scientific Drilling(《科学钻探》),是由国际大洋发现计划(International Ocean Discovery Program,IODP)与国际大陆科学钻探计划(Continental Scientific Drilling Program,ICDP)共同主办的科学钻探领域多学科学术期刊。《科学钻探》旨在报道大洋钻探、大陆钻探以及地球科学领域相关计划取得的最新科学进展和新闻,包括同行评议的科学钻探计划成果报告,工程/技术研发最新进展以及相关学术研讨会报告等。期刊创刊于2005年。2022年10月31日发行第31卷,主要内容有:


  1. A synthesis of monsoon exploration in the Asian marginal seas

  1. ICDP drilling of the Eger Rift observatory: magmatic fluids driving the earthquake swarms and deep biosphere

  1. Drilling Overdeepened Alpine Valleys (ICDP-DOVE): quantifying the age, extent, and environmental impact of Alpine glaciations


  1. A channel sampling strategy for measurement of mineral modal and chemical composition of drill cores: application to lower oceanic crustal rocks from IODP Expedition 345 to the Hess Deep rift

  1. Simple evaluation of the fold axis, axial plane, and interlimb angle from a borehole image log


  1. Mediterranean–Black Sea gateway exchange: scientific drilling workshop on the BlackGate project