IODP Expedition 374 special call for an experienced paleomagnetist


        The IODP-China Office is seeking an experienced paleomagnetist for the IODP Expedition 374 (Ross Sea West Antarctic Ice Sheet History) aboard the JOIDES Resolution (4 January-8 March 2017).

        The Ross Sea West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) History Expedition (based on IODP Proposals 751-Full2, 751-Add, & 751-Add2) will investigate the relationship between climatic/oceanic change and WAIS evolution through the Neogene and Quaternary. Numerical models indicate that this region is highly sensitive to changes in ocean heat flux and sea level, making it a key target to understand past ice sheet variability under a range of climatic forcings. The proposed drilling is designed to optimize data-model integration for improved understanding of Antarctic Ice Sheet mass balance during climates warmer than present. Core and log data from a transect of six sites from the outer continental shelf to rise in the eastern Ross Sea will be used to: (1) evaluate WAIS contribution to far-field ice volume and sea level estimates; (2) reconstruct ice proximal atmospheric and oceanic temperatures to identify periods of past polar amplification and assess forcings/feedbacks; (3) assess the role of oceanic forcing (e.g., sea level, temperature) on WAIS instability; (4) document WAIS sensitivity to Earth’s orbital configuration under varying climate boundary conditions; and (5) reconstruct eastern Ross Sea bathymetry to examine relationships among seafloor geometry, ice sheet instability, and global climate.


        Visit for the original IODP proposal and expedition planning information.

         China-based scientists could apply through the IODP-China Office, and submit application form, English CV as well as post-cruise research proposal no later than 27 October 2017.

         For further details, please contact:

         Shouting Tuo, Science Coordinator, the IODP-China Office

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